Interest Group - Alpine Gardening
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This group meets on the third Monday of the month at 14.00.

To send a message to a the Group Leader, please email to:

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If you like small plants with large colourful flowers, then alpine gardening is for you. It doesnít involve climbing mountains unless you really want to! Most nurseries and garden centres stock a range of alpine plants and this group was created to introduce more people to the delights of alpine plants.

The actual definition of an alpine plant is one that grows above the tree line and therefore in the mountainous regions of the world, but these days we take a broader view and accept small, hardy herbaceous plants, hardy and half hardy bulbs, hardy ferns and small shrubs and conifers - all ideal for the small garden.

Like some of the other very specialised groups the group leader is the instructor and so far we have covered the following areas:

1 Cultivation: soil and conditions.
2 Where to grow them: pots, troughs, rockeries etc.
3 Plants that grow outside: discussion about the plants growing in the group leaderís garden.
4 Plants that cannot be grown outside: discussion about the plants growing in the group leaderís alpine houses.
5 Visits to private collections: members of the Alpine Garden Society.
6 Visits to public collections: behind the scenes at the alpine department in the R.H.S. garden at Wisley and Gatton Park, Reigate.
7 The making of troughs from polystyrene boxes sealed, painted and planted.
8 Making alpine planting areas in members' gardens. The group has helped to convert flat areas into alpine beds in two of our membersí gardens.

We meet on the third Monday of each month from 2.15 pm to 4.30 pm and new members would be very welcome.