Interest Group - Art Mixed Media 1
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This group meets on the alternate Thursdays of the month at 10:30am.

To send a message to the Group Leader, please email to:

Current Group Status: Full

The conservatory floor is made of stone and so is tolerant of spilled paint. Occasionally, when this venue is not available we meet in the houses of other members.

Our purpose is to enjoy painting. We usually do so by practicing our skills with pencil and water colours, occasionally venturing to explore other media. Mostly, the people in the Group focus on one subject for the morning, though some may prefer to go for a different subject or put the finishing touches on an earlier work. Meetings are often led by members who have particular skills, such as botanical painting or the use of pastels, which they share with the rest of us. Three times in the last couple of years we have had sessions with professional tutors, teaching us how to paint with oils. Sometimes we work from an article in an artistís magazine or from a video and find that this broadens our horizons. At the end of each session it is always a pleasure to review the outcomes and enjoy the different interpretations. But most of all it is great to be away from the interruptions of everyday life and spend time not just looking, but also seeing and learning how to manipulate our many tools to approach producing the effect we want.