Interest Group - Bridge for Improvers
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This group meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 2pm.

To send a message to the Group Leader, please email to:

Current Group Status: Vacancies

We are a Group which started some years ago. There are currently 20 members in the Group, but quite often because of other commitments, we have only 12 or so members at a session.

At more formal bridge lessons, usually run by the local authority (and costing quite a lot!), there can be more than 20 in a class. So, since ours is such a relatively small and friendly Group, it is an ideal learning environment and eveyone really enjoys it.

Bridge is a partnership game a bit like whist but somewhat more complicated: by "bidding" your hand, you try to reach the best "contract" ie the number of tricks you can make between you and your parner. Bridge is, arguably, the best card game in the world and is great for keeping the grey cells working. It is also a very pleasant social game to play with your friends. There are also a lot of bridge clubs where you can play against many other people once you have gained more experiance. So why not come and join us, improvers are all welcome.

We meet in the Reading Room in Fetcham, please contact me if you want more information.