Interest Group - Canasta 1
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This group meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm.

To send a message to the Group Leader, please email to:

Current Group Status: VACANCIES

This game is an advanced form of RUMMY but only has three or more of a kind making a meld but no runs. This game is for up to 4 players using two full packs of playing cards including 4 JOKERS.

The aim is to collect 7 cards of a kind which is known as a CANASTA.

Wild cards are the 4 jokers and 8 “2”s. Jokers are worth 50 points each and the “2”s 20 points each. Aces are worth 20 each also, kings down to “8”s 10 points each and “4”s to “7”s 5 points each. Black “3”s don’t count for anything but red “3”s are worth 100 points provided a player has other cards on the table.

Each player is dealt 13 cards and in the first round everyone picks up and discards only. After this a player may pick up the whole of the discard pile if he can place in front of him melds (of at least 3 cards) worth at least 50 points. A meld of 3 can only contain 1 wild card and a canasta cannot have more than 3 wild cards.

To go out a player must have at least one canasta on the table or in his hand (concealed if he is very clever).

Having mastered a relatively few rules and scoring ideas, this is a very sociable game and can be quickly picked up by anyone. Conversation and comment are encouraged.

If you would like to have a try, please contact me.