Interest Group - Current and Social Affairs
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This group meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 2:30pm.

To send a message to the Group Leader, please email to:

Current Group Status: Full

The Current and Social Affairs Group of Fetcham U3A, is a group of Members, who enjoy meeting to talk about the issues of the day in each others homes. We choose one subject for discussion at each meeting.

The normal format we follow, is that one or more Members will prepare some background information on the chosen topic, and start the meeting off, perhaps with a Newspaper article, Government Statistics, or Internet information, and the Members discuss the issues, expressing their own views, and opinions.

In recent Meetings we have discussed such topics as Prisons, Education, Old Folks Welfare, Immigration, and Un-employment. The Group is non political, in that everyone is encouraged to participate by expressing their views, and diverse and different opinions are welcome, bringing richness and colour to our debates.

Like most U3A Groups, we enjoy a cup of tea and a chat either during our Meeting, or at the end, depending how lively the debate is! So if you like to talk, listen, debate and participate, our Group might be right for you. We currently have vacancies for two new Members, before we reach our manageable limit.

If you would like to have more information about this Group, please ring our group Leader.