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This is our Past Events Information Page, containing items that may be of interest to our members.
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Theatre Trip

Summer Picnic

Visit to Dungeness Nuclear Power Station

London Walks

Theatre Trip

On June 21 members had the privilege to watch Matthew Bourne’s ballet Cinderella by Prokofiev at the Woking theatre. Matthew Bourne’s interpretation of the classic fairy tale has, at its heart, a true war-time romance. A chance meeting results in a magical night for Cinderella and her dashing young RAF pilot, together just long enough to fall in love before being parted by the horrors of the Blitz.

Beautiful music and marvellous ballet enjoyed by all. Some of our more senior members have now decided to take up ballet lessons!!!!

Summer Picnic

Our Summer Event was the very successful Summer Picnic on the July 1 at the Bookham Scout Centre. Wow, what a hot day!

A marquee was supplied with open sides to enable us to keep out of the sun, others sheltered under the large oak trees.

The food was served in the very cool area of the hall. Tables were decorated with lovely blue/white cloths. Plates and cutlery were supplied, so all we had to do was help ourselves to all the goodies, sit with our friends at a table and listen to the fabulous, Anchor Pub Ukulele band, which included one of our members. I will leave it to you all to spot which one.

The band was great and funny and we could sing along with all the tunes that we knew. What a wonderful afternoon. Thanks to the organisers.

Visit to Dungeness Nuclear Power Station

Our visit on July 5 was to Dungeness Nuclear Power Station.

21 intrepid, suitably dressed, according to the strict rules of the Station, boarded the Haines coach at 7.45 a.m. at Lower Shott for this very eventful drive to Dungeness, which due to a rather severe accident on route meant that our driver Tony had to take the “scenic route” of bumpy and narrow roads before we finally arrived at our destination, just a little bit later than had been planned. But thanks to John, the organiser, all was well.

On arrival we were taken into the safety area where we were told what would happen next. We were all kitted out in a bright orange jacket, a pair of goggles, a hard hat fitted with ear defenders and a radio to enable us to hear what our guide was telling us about. After proving who we were with our I.D. cards, the next test was to walk through the scanning machine. Unfortunately, those who have Titanium knees caused some concern, but soon we were through to the next step. The level of security was tremendous, and our guide was superb. What we learnt in those one and a half hours was excellent.

After our visit was over, our trusty driver took us to the Hythe and Dymchurch steam train for our next epic journey of 1 hour 40 minutes to Hythe. The carriages were so low down and so tiny we all had to turn sideways to board successfully. What a great ride with the steam whistle blowing.

Our final destination was our late lunch at the fish restaurant, pre booked, where we tasted some of the finest fish and chips known to mankind.

Well satisfied and a wee bit weary we boarded our trusty coach and made it safely back to Bookham in record time.

Thanks must go to our Vice Chairman John Edgcumbe for such a wonderful day out, full of excitement, adventure, education and fun.

Thanks JOHN.

London Walks

I have put together a series of London Walks which other members of U3A may enjoy. All of these walks have been carried out over the last two years by Exploring London Group 6.

Walking is the only way to get to explore London and it is cheap and good for the environment. Each walk is typically 3 to 4 miles long and has an average of two to three hour "walking" time. Allowing for visits to the sites of interest on the route and the essential coffee and lunch breaks, one should allow a whole day to complete each walk.

To reduce costs, we always travel “off-peak” leaving Leatherhead station on the 09.26 train. Three or four travellers can still travel for the price of two provided you travel together all day. The start of the majority of walks can be access either on foot from Waterloo or Victoria or by bus using a Concessionary Travel Pass. Travel to the walks listed below in bold is best undertaken by the London Underground due to the lengthy journey time from the Main Line stations. All the places of interest currently have free admission access.

All these walks are suitable with young children with the exception of the “Jack the Ripper” walk which is best undertaken at night. I would highly recommend the Docklands Walk and the Great Fire of London walk for young children as the walks terminate with a visit to one of the Museum of London great museums which are now certainly some of the best places in Britain for children.

The following are Walks which may be viewed or downloaded in PDF format.
A Walk in the Royal Parks
Docklands walk
Greenwich Walk ( Via River Clipper )
Hampstead Walk
Jack The Ripper Walk
Regents Canal
Regents Park & Marylebone
Southbank to Tower Bridge
The Great Fire of London
The Inns of Court Walk
The Royal Hospital Chelsea
Wimbledon Village

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