Interest Group - Family History 1
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This group meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 2:30pm.

To send a message to the Group Leader, please email to:

Current Group Status: Vacancies

Objects:- To inform, support and assist members with their studies of their family history.

Size of Group:- 12 members

Venue and frequency of meetings:- 4th Thursday each month at 2.30 pm at a members home.

Visits:- We occasionally visit reference centres such as The Public Records Office Kew, Surrey Records Office, Woking, Sutton Library.

Affiliations:- Bookham & Leatherhead U3A Family History Groups.

Information:- We started the group in 2003 and have acquired/bought a “library” of reference books. CD roms, magazines and leaflets which are freely loaned between members. It is almost essential to have access to a computer and the internet in order to undertake genealogical research in this day and age. Records tend to be computerised with paper “back up”. It is never too soon to interview members of the family. Several members of our group have made amazing discoveries/contact with distant relatives since starting to research their family trees. The TV programmes such as “Who do you think you are” have made many people more interested in this subject.