Starting a New Group
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Groups bring together members with a common interest

The Group above explores London and is looking at Hampton Court Palace

Groups can study any topic or activity, from academic subjects to more social interests ...

Groups consist of experts and novices where teachers become learners and learners become teachers

Groups provide a supportive and relaxed learning environment for everyone to enjoy

A Wine Appreciation Group enjoying a tasting

The Ballroom Dancing Group practising a new routine

A collection from the Antiques and Collectables Group

The Walking Group taking a rest and the Gentle Movement Group in full swing

A Group visit to the Waste Recycling Centre and the Gardening Group arranging their plants

So, if you want to pursue an interest not already covered then propose a new Group

There are always members waiting to join

To get started convene a meeting of the interested members

At the meeting agree on a venue, meeting days and times, programme and how to keep in contact

Select a leader or coordinator for the Group

With the new Group started and everyone playing a part it should now be plain sailing

If you would like to propose or start a new group,
please speak to or email the Groups Organiser.